Can you imagine yourself waking up amidst lavish greenery and an awesome landscape?
Would you relish the serenity of an extensive 15.000 sqm garden and enjoy stunning, uninterrupted view over the majestic Učka mountain range and the vast Čepić valley with historical Istrian medieval towns dotted on neighboring hills? Is enjoying an unforgettable sunset before welcoming a soft nightfall appealing to you?
If so, The One is an ultimate place to visit.

Designed with discerning travellers in mind, this new villa is the perfect place for lovers of both style and nature. With four beautifully appointed en-suite bedrooms, bright and spacious living space, fantastic kitchen, sunny terraces, outdoor jacuzzi, infinity swimming pool and vast garden, the villa has everything you need for a relaxing and luxurious vacation.

Luxury is all about feeling good and you will feel fantastic at The One.


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